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Tandem Flight São Condado

Tandem hang gliding in São Conrado is an exciting sports activity that involves jumping off a hang glider with an experienced instructor and flying together through the air. This activity is a great option for those who wish to experience the sensation of flying without having to pilot alone.

São Conrado is an ideal location for tandem hang gliding, due to its weather and geographical conditions. The region boasts a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the sea, providing a unique experience for participants. Additionally, the mountains surrounding the area provide ideal air currents for the flight.

Before beginning the activity, participants go through a brief training session to learn about safety and basic hang glider commands. During the flight, the instructor is responsible for piloting the hang glider, while the participant can enjoy the panoramic view and the feeling of flying. It's important to remember that you should be in good physical and mental condition to participate in this activity.


offer tandem hang gliding in São Conrado, with packages that include transportation, equipment, and accompaniment by experienced instructors. It is recommended to book in advance and check the weather conditions before scheduling the date.

In summary, tandem hang gliding in São Conrado is an exciting sports activity that offers participants a panoramic view of the city and the sea, as well as the experience of flying. With its ideal weather and geographical conditions, São Conrado is the perfect place for this activity.

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