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Towing hang gliding

In some places there is no mountain and to fly hang glideng we need to be towed by a trike or a dragonfly, which is a plane that flies very slow thus facilitating the hang gliding. In this article I will give some tips to anyone who has never flown towed by a trike or dragon fly. In April of 2018 I went to a hang gliding competition in Florida and in this competition the takeoff was towed. Everything different, had never done a takeoff of this type, had been towed by a car is very different. I was advised to take a double flight with a pilot who had mastered the trailer instead of going straight. What I advise you to do, go straight fly towed home you are a pilot that dominates your equipment.

1. Speed, however slow the dragonfly or trike will fly fast in relation to your wing then to minimize the force that will make to hold the nose of the wing as it will have a pull pulling the wing, take off with at least 50% of VG.

2. Keeping on the same line as the trailer, you will not be able to fly neither higher nor lower than your tug, to facilitate flight two, to maintain this height you will be stung with the speedbar at the waist and to relieve at the height of your chest, this is your limit, waist and chest, there you go to work, stay tuned to the tug pilot, if the pilot raise his hand is for you to climb if he lower his hand, it's for you down, always on the waist and chest.

3. Do not let the rope loose because when it is stretched again it will give a break and probably its fuse will break. Then worry only with the height when the trailer turns he will pull you behind him if you make the turn the rope loosened.

4.Preparative of the equipment, all the ropes of your belt must be rolled up and you need not to catch in the tow carriage.

5. Corrections should be made fast, ie corrects and returns.

6. Do not take your eyes off the tug for the longest seven minutes of your life until the pilot commands you, swinging your arm for release.

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