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Wind, how it works

People generally feel the wind, they know it exists, it takes advantage of its energy sometimes without realizing it, but it has no idea of ​​how it is produced, where it comes from, where it goes. The winds move sailing boats, wind surfing, kite surfing, clear hang gliding, paragliding .... But the wind also moves windmills, taps wind generating wind energy that is currently fashionable for being clean. So we have to have the least knowledge about our "friend", the wind. Our "president" has already tried to store the wind and before committing some disasters like that of the former president follows a simple explanation below. At first we have to define the wind, the air in motion. After the definition of wind we will treat the air as what it is, a fluid like water. Now imagine two water boxes, connected by a barrel at its base. A full box and an empty box, the moment we open the passage of water through the pipe that connects the water will leave the fullest to the most empty, the principle of communicating vessels or simply (DDP) pressure difference. The fluid always goes from high pressure to low pressure. Transferring the above explanation to the wind has a place that is heating up, the air is getting lighter and is rising leaving an empty space that will be filled by another air coming from a place cooler, cold high pressure hot low pressure. This wind helps and a lot of the hang glider pilot, if the hang glider goes to a certain place and this wind is also going in the same direction the route will run faster. This also happens with airplanes that sometimes the opposite is also true the airplane flying against the wind and taking longer to arrive. The hang gliding or paragliding takes advantage of the horizontal wind and also the vertical wind called the thermal.

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