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Is it Safe to fly a hang glider?

Yes, because with the experience of our instructors together with constant proper maintenance and replacement of our equipment. Also the numbers speak for themselves there are about 30.000 tandem flights are safely done, in Rio, every year.


What experience do I need?

There is no experience needed because the whole Flight is done under the full control of the instructor. The only thing you have to do is to run about 8 or 10 steps during take off and enjoy the ride.

How long is the flight?

A simple glide lasts a bit under 10m, but when conditions are soarable we'll extend your flight as much as possible until 30 minutes.

When are we open?

We operate 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset, depending only on the meteorological conditions.

Is there a need to book in advance?

To make a reservation is highly recommended, our website and booking team is at your service to take you call 24hs a day.

What's the duration of the whole tour?

Usually the elapsed time between pick up and return to your hotel is about 3hs.

Wich are the best days to fly?

Most of the days in Rio, about 70% are flyable. Usually the best days for flying are those right after the cold fronts, these are the days that offer a greater chance of longer flights. Best winds are SSW, S, SE, E and ENE.

Is it possible to fly on cloudy days?

Yes, as long as cloudbase is higher than take off and it's not raining.

Will it be good to fly tomorrow?

Contact us and check it out.

Can I bring friends and relatives to watch me flying?

Yes, as long as there are free seats on your transfer.

Are there limits of age to go flying?

Minimum age is 16 years, teenagers under 18 must be accompanied  by adult relatives. Seniors can fly as long as they're capable to make the take off procedure. Many people in their 70's have made it ! Photo ID or copy of Passport should be available.

Is there a weight limit for flying?

The body weight limit is around to fly on our Hang Gliders is about 100 kg but this might vary according to flying conditions. If over the weight limit for hang gliding you may still be able to Para Glide, taking off and landing from the same spot and seeing the same great views.

How should I dress?

Wear comfortable clothing, on cooler winter days bringing a sweatshirt along might be a good idea considering

What kind of shoes should I wear?                                                                                                              

Use comfortable shoes that allow you to make the takeoff sprint and which won't fall of during your flight. Beach sandals should be avoided.

Can I bring and use my own Gopro camera during the flight?                                                                               Whenever you're buying our video service you're allowed to make a second angle at no additional cost with your Gopro as long as you provide a mounting system that won't interfere with the aircraft safety.



Horário de funcionamento:

os dias, das 8:00 hs até o por do sol, claro que em dias de condições de voo.


Quanto Tempo dura?

Entre 8 e 15 minutos podendo aumentar de acordo com o vento.

O que vestir? 

O uso de tênis ajuda na corrida.

Precisa de experiência?

Não, quase todos voam pela primeira vez.

Condições de pagamento?

Preferível dinheiro, após o voo te levo no banco, se necessário.

Onde se encontrar?

Na praia de São Conrado, olhando para o mar, do lado direito, chegando lá será abordado por outros instrutores, fale que está marcado com Paulo JPX e ninguém te importunará mais.

Como chegar? 

De carro vindo da Barra da Tijuca: Ao cruzar o túnel do elevado, chegará a São Conrado, vire na primeira direita que der mão, siga em frente e vai ver a praia, vire de novo para a direita até o fim da rua.

De carro vindo da Zona Sul: Antes do túnel para a Barra da Tijuca, pegue o retorno virando a esquerda, caindo para a direita para entrar a direita, siga em frente até a praia e vire a direita indo até o final da rua.

De ônibus vindo da Barra: Qualquer ônibus que for para zona sul, ao passar o túnel peça para descer, ao descer me ligue que te pego no ponto.

Dê ônibus vindo da Zona Sul: Qualquer ônibus que for para Barra, peça para descer na churrascaria Oásis, ao descer me ligue que te pego.

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