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How do tandem hang gliding accidents happen?

In fact, incidents occur, there are hardly any hang gliding accidents in the tandem flight. When accidents occur they take place during takeoff, because the student did not follow the instructor's recommendations.

For the hang glider to go in flight it is necessary that it reach 15 km per hour in relation to the wind, that is if the takeoff is made with a wind coming against a hang glider of 5 km per hour, the race can be of 10 km per hour, if the wind is coming from behind with the same speed, 5 km per hour, we will have to run at 20 km per hour.

This run for takeoff in the tandem hang glider flight is made by two people, the pilot and his student, so the two have to perform the race in a synchronized way, if for fear or any other reason the student stops or slows down the race. instructor must try to drag his student so that the hang glider reaches the speed necessary to go in flight.

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