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How to look for a tandem flight of hang gliding

Usually people go on google and type, hang gliding, hang gliding however as it is called by the instructors, tandem flight hang gliding, almost no one does that demand. Must be why people associate flight with the parachute jump . To clarify the parachute jump always goes down, the hang gliding flight we usually manage to climb, when we find a hot air, called thermal. So if you want to use the term suitable for the sport use tandem flight of hang gliding and not hang gliding, hang gliding. Where to do this flight? This flight is performed in several locations, but the place where it is only done by professionals is in São Conrado. To search well type in google hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, and will appear several people who do this work. If you want to make the flight with excellence go directly to the site or and talk to Paulo JPX and schedule your tandem flight of hang gliding.

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