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To Fly in correct day

To fly on the right day, we must choose the day that gives us the longest flight time possible, because flying is too good with any scenario, with blue sky day, cloudy sky ... Here in Rio de Janeiro, especially in São Conrado , the best days are when the wind is southeast, south or east, with other winds is also possible but the three mentioned above are the best as it provides flights without turbulence. These winds come from the sea and as we all know the sea has no barriers and the wind arrives at our smooth, laminated ramp and provides us with a hang gliding or paragliding flight with great satisfaction and safety. If you do not want to watch the winds, just want to fly on the best day, ask Paulo JPX for whats 21 99850-2710 and he will give you a classic day to fly delta wing at Pedra Bonita in Rio

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